On Dating Chinese Men: All Men Are Different

I am pretty late on this one (like 11 months late, late!), as it has been the case for ALL of my posts lately, but I’ve been want­ing to add my voice to the sub­ject since the story came out. As you may remem­ber, Jocelyn over at Speak­ing of China has asked blog­gers to write on what it is like to date Chinese men. Because I’ve dated Chinese guys and, why … Read on

The Delivery Guy

It has been quite a while since I have last writ­ten and I will not make excuses this time. As they say: life just hap­pens. Just like what happened yes­ter­day: I almost kicked a man out of my own home. Here is the story: Liang and I have slowly been fur­nish­ing our home. A bit over a month ago, there was a no tax sale at a fur­niture store where we found … Read on

New Life in a New Home

As is it the case with Kelly at Tales from Heibei, Liang and I have recently become HOs! If you have not read Kelly’s post, you should and by HOs she means home own­ers, of course. As you may remem­ber last year, we made a deposit on our home lot. Luck­ily for us, as we bought our house in Canada, the pro­cess is not as com­plic­ated as it is in … Read on

We Are Engaged!

Yes, I have been away for a few weeks — again — but I hope you will for­give me. My excuse this time? Well, the title says it all: We Are Engaged! My won­der­ful boyfri…ahem…fiancé (still get­ting used to the word) pro­posed on the morn­ing of his birth­day which also hap­pens to be New Year’s Eve. After I said yes (of course), we laughed that it was a good thing … Read on

You may be dating a Chinese guy if…

Liang and I have now been dat­ing for over two and a half years. He moved in with me after about a year and I recently noticed my cook­ing style has slightly changed since we first met; even my pantry and kit­chen draw­ers are a bit dif­fer­ent (all good things)! I’ve learned to make dump­lings, spring rolls, won ton soup, and many other deli­cious Chinese dishes from his mom. One … Read on

Asia Part 12: Exposed to Shanghai, Literally

Sat­urday, Octo­ber 16, 2010 With the little sleep I had the pre­vi­ous night — maybe half an hour, to be exact — I was very slow to get going that morn­ing. At least Liang was able to get a few hours of sleep and he was the one who was going to do most of the talk­ing since I only knew the Man­darin basics. I just had to fol­low him, didn’t … Read on