The Stares in Arizona

Liang and I spent a week trav­el­ling around Ari­zona and Las Vegas back in Septem­ber. This was one of those trips where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. From being detoured at the end of our flight to a dif­fer­ent air­port dur­ing a storm, to run­ning through the second biggest air­port in the USA only to miss our con­nec­tion by 1 minute, to hav­ing the air con­di­tion­ing break down … Read on


It’s offi­cial! Liang and I are mar­ried! Our wed­ding day was on May 24 and it all star­ted four days prior with Liang’s aunts and grand­mother fly­ing all the way from both Shang­hai and Van­couver! There were also more of Liang’s rel­at­ives from across Canada and the USA who flew or drove to our city later that week (all of my father-in-law’s rel­at­ives). I also can­not fail men­tion­ing all of … Read on

A New Beginning

My last post dates from Decem­ber 2013 and lo and behold, it is May 9 already. 2013 was the year of my engage­ment to Liang but also a rocky year with my job. Due to the over­time at work and my being tired as a res­ult, it pre­ven­ted me from work­ing on, and enjoy­ing, the pre­par­a­tion for our wed­ding (which means my blog­ging tend­en­cies took a beat­ing as well). Actu­ally, as … Read on

On Dating Chinese Men: All Men Are Different

I am pretty late on this one (like 11 months late, late!), as it has been the case for ALL of my posts lately, but I’ve been want­ing to add my voice to the sub­ject since the story came out. As you may remem­ber, Jocelyn over at Speak­ing of China has asked blog­gers to write on what it is like to date Chinese men. Because I’ve dated Chinese guys and, why … Read on

The Delivery Guy

It has been quite a while since I have last writ­ten and I will not make excuses this time. As they say: life just hap­pens. Just like what happened yes­ter­day: I almost kicked a man out of my own home. Here is the story: Liang and I have slowly been fur­nish­ing our home. A bit over a month ago, there was a no tax sale at a fur­niture store where we found … Read on

New Life in a New Home

As is it the case with Kelly at Tales from Heibei, Liang and I have recently become HOs! If you have not read Kelly’s post, you should and by HOs she means home own­ers, of course. As you may remem­ber last year, we made a deposit on our home lot. Luck­ily for us, as we bought our house in Canada, the pro­cess is not as com­plic­ated as it is in … Read on